August 18

Break the Spy Cameras!

The world is flooded with cameras taking your picture and video recording you every day. Road cameras, Store cameras, WIFI laptop, cellphone, bank, etc. The list goes on. Everywhere you look these days, and many hidden places where you cannot look there are cameras.

And with these insidious cameras are new software technologies to perform facial recognition. This can then be used to link to massive databases of information on you, your browser history, your purchase history, your “criminal” history.

An criminal is in the eye of the beholder. To many of the elitists in government, everyone is a criminal in one way or another. They have seen to that by enacting so many different laws that there is nothing you can do alive OR dead without breaking some of them.

What is a freedom loving individualist to do?

How about not being recognized in the first place?

First lets get a very brief understanding how this technology works. Basically as can be seen from the following diagrams, the software maps a set of points on the face and has algorithms to detect a variety of facial changes as we do such things as eat, laugh, grimace, scowl, etc. Another set of algorithms allows the face to be mapped from any angle. Putting all of these together allows the computer to create a basic “Facial Fingerprint” unique to you.



Facebook has upped the anti by making every post able to map multiple faces and even map those faces as they change with age.


This is scary stuff. Not only can retailers and ad people use this to target us to buy their products, but most intrusivly it allows a government with far too much power to infiltrate and basically control our lives.

How can we combat this obvious intrusion into our private lives?  Well a company in Japan is working on an idea – one that those individuals with some basic DIY skills can certainly emulate!

The key is to conceal or inject “new” points into the facial map so that what the computer thinks it is seeing is something completely different.  Short of making a mask of someone else, a la “Mission Impossible” what can be done is to confuse enough of the face so that the computer cannot make the link.  Here is a picture of the shades they are developing


And Here is the Link: Fooling the Facial Recognition Camera

The key appears to be the ability to reflect white light back towards the camera and at the same time, confuse it about where to place the eye points and the eye-line to nose begin line (see earlier mapping pics). Without this data, all the camera has to go by is the lower nose and mouth lines.

Now, when the software builds this database of your face, what it is doing to create the facial fingerprint is to first determine these various points and then, and this is key, to create a set of “distance lines” between each of the points that represent a dynamic measure based on your current facial response. In other words no matter what your face is “doing” (laughing, crying, shouting, anger, happy, smiling, etc.) the dynamic distances between these lines stay within a specific set of ratios. This set of measures is unique to you so that by knowing all of the points, and all of the ratios of the lines connecting those points, the computer can guess that you are who you are within an astonishing degree of accuracy.

But only if it can get those points and ratios.

If you can devise ways to flummox the software (And I assure you, you can) then this recognition goes out the window.

Ultimately you could just wear a entire face covering bowl with a one-way see through mirrored surface. But then you would attract attention. “Hey look mommy, a manikin is walking down the street!”

These white shades, while rather bulky currently, won’t attract that much attention!

Good Luck out there!

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